Sofia Landström – practicing researcher, educator and writer

Exhibitions are a tool, not the result. Art should open up for a democratic dialog and rethink the ‘ordinary’ exhibition practises. Martha Rosler: “art make difference to a social movement only when it is made in cognizance of those movements.” . Exhibition making can be a model of resistance, a tool and not the result.

Talk with Feminist Pedagogics

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19th May
All Day Collective Making Workshop/ 13.00-17.00
The Temporary Separatists invite artists and public to the gallery space during the day to create art with them. You can bring your own material or work in the space with material that is there.
Talk with Feminist Pedagogics/ 17.00 – 18.30
Feminist Pedagogics from Akademi Valand will present their work and open up for dialog with the audience about feminist strategies in education and methods for feminist pedagogy. The session at Galleri Box is an opportunity for the group to continue the dialogue they started at Valand, and welcome interested audiences to join and contribute to the discussion in preparation for the three day ‘mobilisation’ at Valand that the group is planning for October 12th-14th, 2016.

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