Sofia Landström – practicing researcher, educator and writer

Exhibitions are a tool, not the result. Art should open up for a democratic dialog and rethink the ‘ordinary’ exhibition practises. Martha Rosler: “art make difference to a social movement only when it is made in cognizance of those movements.” . Exhibition making can be a model of resistance, a tool and not the result.

About & CV

pictureMy name is Sofia Landström, Practicing Researcher, first and foremost an educator and a researcher but I use exhibitions as a tool for communicating ideas and concepts. I think exhibitions can be used as a tool for political agency and that they could if used as such be a room for challenge rather than display.

Obtained an Master of Research from Central Saint Martins in London and is now working as a curator for education and program at Malmö Konstmuseum and the founder of Historielabbet –Gör om! Gör rätt! an educational business that focuses on inclusive art history that questions the normative, western, patriarchal history writing. We hold lectures at Folkuniversitetet Malmö/Lund, Munka Folkhögskola, Malmö Folkhögskola, Malmö Stad etc. Prevouisly I’ve freelanced with project such  SculptureHUB,  Parallel Magazine, and The Temporary Separatists.

“For the past few years Sofia focused on the analysis and writings concerning feminism, exhibitions and feminist theorizing. Her interest for exhibitions as a place for discussion and dialog began during her time as chairman at Galleri Pictura in Lund, where she realized how the exhibition premises not only encompasses that what is hung on the walls but is also influenced by everything that is taking place outside; politics, economy and social changes. Landströms current interest takes departure in political exhibitions.These temporary political spaces facilitate change by creating a distinctive place where people can come and develop new ideas, identities and practices. She investigates questions surrounding dissent but also in what way these exhibitions can be seen as `models of resistance´ where new narratives are being created. Landström has an MRes in Exhibition Studies at Central Saint Martins in London.” Quote from Galleri Box

For me art is about questioning society, through art and culture we can start to understand the environment. Through art and education can I analyze current structures and phenomenons, as art always is political. I work with art through theory and analysis, I then take this theory and combine it with practice, exhibition practice, writing practice of conceptual practice. By doing so art gives me the tools to discuss and change current structures.The use of exhibition spaces is a method to create a physical space for new kinds of queries, resistance and belonging. They can provide an alternative model for linking form a singularity in to a common and potentially pave the way for change that will transform  lives in general.





PHONE: +4670 2332 572


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