Sofia Landström – practicing researcher, educator and writer

Exhibitions are a tool, not the result. Art should open up for a democratic dialog and rethink the ‘ordinary’ exhibition practises. Martha Rosler: “art make difference to a social movement only when it is made in cognizance of those movements.” . Exhibition making can be a model of resistance, a tool and not the result.

“Byter tyngdpunkt”


I have been working on a documentation project for quite some time, it started in January and today is the opening in Malmö, Sweden. I’ve been documenting three different artists/galleries and their work before the Malmö Nordic Biennial. Two of the artists I have worked with were Maja Qvarnström and Erik Lagerwall, I fell in love with their work and I loved working with them on the documentation. Here you can see the film I made with them, it’s in Swedish but I hope you enjoy!

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This entry was posted on May 3, 2013 by in Artists, Exhibitions, Inspiration.
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