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Exhibitions are a tool, not the result. Art should open up for a democratic dialog and rethink the ‘ordinary’ exhibition practises. Martha Rosler: “art make difference to a social movement only when it is made in cognizance of those movements.” . Exhibition making can be a model of resistance, a tool and not the result.

Network Meeting Oslo / Tenthaus Oslo

29-30 January 2016 SCULPTUREHUB arranged our second round-table discussion outside of Sweden. We went to Norway where Tenthaus Oslo hosted us. We started off with a short presentation of SculptureHUB and … Continue reading

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Om oss Vi gillar konst, vi kan en del om konst och så tycker vi om att prata om konst! Vår podd finns på iTunes och vi finns på sociala … Continue reading

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Avsnitt 10 – Museum

  Andrea Fraser – Museum Highlights (1989), involved Fraser posing as a Museum tour guide at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1989 under the pseudonym of Jane Castleton. During … Continue reading

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9. Konstmarknaden

Del nio handlar om konstmarknaden! Vi ställer tusen frågor och Peter försöker reda ut hur det egentligen står till med det där.

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Gör om! Gör rätt! – Ny Workshop

Jag och Karin Annebäck har tagit fram en workshop om alternativ historieskrivning, vi kommer arbeta med gymnasieelever på estetiska program i Skåne och ge dem en inblick i vilka konstnärer … Continue reading

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The SculptureHUB – Thoughts on: Network meeting in Helsinki/HIAP

Last week we arranged our first round table discussion outside of Sweden. We went to Helsinki and hosted a meeting at HIAP. For this discussion we had invited artists, writers … Continue reading

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Sculpture Talk III – Dr. Jon Wood “Drawing on Sculpture: Graphic Interventions on the Photographic Surface”

Akademi Valand: X-library, Vasagatan 50, Göteborg Monday November 23rd, 6pm The third presentation in our Sculpture Lecture series focused on the relation between Sculpture, Photography and Drawing. Jon Wood, research … Continue reading

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8. Serier

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Sculpture Talk II

Sculpture Talk II AFTERWORK på Röda Sten konsthall – Lounge Skulptursamtal II – Social Sculpture: Bait al Karama & Slow Food in Palestine. AFTERWORK på Röda Sten konsthall – Lounge, … Continue reading

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7. Mat och Konst

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6. Om Performance

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Women Working Collectively – What is Your Value?

9 Juli, 18:30, at ICA Women Working Collectively What is Your Value? The Temporary Separatists (Rose Gibbs and Sofia Landström) present a panel discussion as part of ICA Talks series … Continue reading

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27/2 BOX Talk with Sculpture focus

Documentation images: © Erik Betshammar Friday February 27th 5:30-7:00pm Artist Talk: Women sculptors as a forum for dialog concerning dissent and 3D art. During 2015 Box will conduct a series … Continue reading

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5. Manifest

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4. Kitsch

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The virtual feminist museum?

We are doing a new exhibition with ArtsFems! About the theme Since the beginning of art history, the practice has been dominated by discussion of men’s art and isms. Even … Continue reading

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3. 60-talet

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2. Konstpodden

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1. Första Konstpodden

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Current project

A Voice of One’s Own voice [vois] verb (used with object), voiced, voic·ing. 18. to give utterance or expression to; declare; proclaim: to voice one’s discontent.  sub·vert, [suhb-vurt] verb (used with object) 1. to overthrow (something established or existing). 2. to cause the downfall, ruin, or destruction of. 3. to undermine the principles of; corrupt. A Voice of One’s Own, an exhibition which questions, undermines and … Continue reading

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The female appropriation

Lately I’ve been thinking about the new feminist art, it’s everywhere! From trying to fit in to a male structure, feminist artist are now appropriating art that for a long … Continue reading

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Inbetween music and performance

Tim Hecker St Johns at Hackney Church, Lower Clapton Road, London, United Kingdom Yesterday I went to a performance, well I don’t think it was meant to be a performance … Continue reading

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Inner and Outer Realms

This is the exhibtion I’ve been working on lately together  with Hannah Giles, Johanna Molin, Thom Bridge, Tove Nankler, Ana Carolina Fleming, Emma Stanisic About the exhibition: Inner & Outer Realms … Continue reading

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New project

This is a project me and a few others are working on right now, exhibtion in August and September! Inner & Outer Realms Galleri Rotor presents “Inner & Outer Realms” … Continue reading

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Amalia Pica – Museum of contemporary art, Chicago

An exhibition that I recently saw and really enjoyed were the born in Argentina and based in London artist Amalia Pica, at Museum of Contemporary art in Chicago. Amalia Pica … Continue reading

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Lastest interview with’s Sofia Landström interviews Antonella Croci and Federico Florian – winners of the Musée Imaginaire Concours, hosted by and KAPSUL. To create the e-book, we used the Bookleteer platform, … Continue reading

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Du har fått en lägenhet

“Du har fått en lägenhet” that’s my latest exhibition project together with Jonathan Mattebo Persson. I will write about it in Swedish, please translate if you want to know more! … Continue reading

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“Byter tyngdpunkt”

I have been working on a documentation project for quite some time, it started in January and today is the opening in Malmö, Sweden. I’ve been documenting three different artists/galleries … Continue reading

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Hi there! Last week I wrote a review and today it got published at EVERY CURATOR’S HANDBOOK, review by Sofia Landström This compendium offers hands-on professional insights wherein different … Continue reading

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The future of museums

3. The future of museums is about attitude (not technology) – Keynote by Jasper Visser, 2012 from DRs Kulturarvsprojekt on Vimeo.

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Theorizing the curatorial territory

In today’s interactive and media overloaded society, anyone can be a curator.  Google makes us able to curate our own profiles, menus at fancy restaurants are curated by food experts, … Continue reading

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